Yeshiva Neveh Zion

Cordially invites you to attend The First Dinner of our Fifth Decade

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The First Dinner of our Fifth Decade

  • Thursday evening, February 15th 2018
    • Rosh Chodesh Adar
    • Reception 6:30pm • Dinner 7:30pm
  • The White Shul
    • 728 Empire Avenue, Far Rockaway, NY 11691


Mr. and Mrs. Jay Rand

Chesed Award

Rabbi and Rebbetzen Avrohom Yaakov Schwab

Chinuch Award

Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Bernson

Alumnus of the Year

Mr. and Mrs. Yerucham Winer

Alumnus of the Year

The Dinner and Journal is in memory of Rabbi Beinish Mandel z”l, organizer and long-term paramedic for Hatzolah, who personified helping others and who was a dear friend of Neveh.

Mr. Scott Stone

Dinner Chairman

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